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GRIP’s mission is to help the international relocation industry work better together. Our efficiency-focused PricePoint application is designed to be mutually beneficial to all industry participants.

Although founded with extensive industry insight, GRIP is completely independent. No Vanlines, Movers, Forwarders, or Relocation companies hold any ownership stake in GRIP, nor does GRIP operate in any of these service provider capacities. This prevents conflicts of interest, provides total objectivity, and creates a trustworthy field of fair play for all.
David Braginsky, CTO (the tech guy)
David serves as GRIP’s software architect. He received a degree in Computer Science from UCLA, then moved on to Masters degree studies in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University. David has meanwhile established himself amongst the best of Silicon Valley’s best, working at Google from its early days, where he served as a programmer and Tech Lead. After years there, he sought new challenges and joined Facebook, also as a Tech Lead and later as direct technical advisor to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. David has personally written every line of code in PricePoint v1.0 and directly overseen all subsequent version upgrades.
Ryan Keintz, CEO (the moving guy)
Ryan has spent his entire career in the international relocation industry since earning a degree in International Business from Illinois Wesleyan University. He has held a wide array of positions within the world’s two largest international moving brands, working in both the US and Europe, at varying industry levels from local operations agent to global corporate headquarters. With predominant focus on Pricing, Ryan observed significant challenges and inefficiency at all levels of the industry between various participants of Agents, Forwarders, Relocation, and Corporate Buyer. This experience ultimately resulted in the founding of GRIP, in which Ryan envisioned great potential for technology solutions which simultaneously benefit both buyers and suppliers of the industry.
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